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Fort Morgan United States

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I am a Dominant Lady that lives the BDSM lifestyle 24/7.

I am currently interested in a single male or female submissive for an online D/s dynamic. This dynamic may also include Financial Domination, although not always required. I take my online D/s dynamic just as seriously as I do in person D/s dynamic. I do not see this as all about me, or all about you. It is about the dynamic between us, and the exchange of power that goes with it.

If you are local to me, and strike my fancy, I might entertain the thought of a "real time" dynamic. This might also include domestic service in my home, and serving my Dominant Husband as well. If we will be engaging in the Financial Domination fetish, this would also include taking me on shopping sprees, possibly purchasing items for my Husband, and taking both me and my Husband out for meals and or drinks.

I am very selective about who I allow into my world, and I do not let just anyone serve me and mine. I know what I want, and I will settle for nothing less.

I believe Financial Domination is not all about the money and gifts, it is about the natural power exchange between the Dominant and submissive.

"Service which is rendered without joy helps neither the servant nor the served." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

A few key points to keep in mind ...

* I am the Dominant and you are the submissive. This will not change.

* You will always be in the submissive role towards my Husband. You will never be equal to him in any way.

* I expect your loyalty, honesty, obedience, and good manners at all times.

* I will not enter into any type of dynamic/relationship with someone that is married, or supporting offspring/family.

* I do not have to be a bitch to get what I want. This is not a porn movie, and I am not an actress.

* I am not a cam girl, I do not engage in "sex chats" and you will not see me naked. I do not send nude photos or display them here or on any other site, and I will not engage in any type sexual contact with you. I am not your "wank fodder". I am classy, not trashy.

* Do not come to me with your list of fetishes, this is not Burger King, and you do not get it your way. Take a look at my fetish list to see what I enjoy. If there is not anything on there that we have in common, a dynamic or play between us will not work. You will not "top from the bottom". You will not change my mind by whining or begging.

Always remember..... tributes of cash or gifts are given by the finsub to the FinDomme without expectation of anything in return.

KIK, Skype, SnapChat username is $50 per app.

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