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Treat me like the Queen that you know I am and you will have a Queen for life

I am a quick witted, young, loyal and seductive mistress. I expect to be worshiped in every single way, nothing less. I find nothing more electrifying than complete control over another person... so if you’re going to be a little sissy and won’t do what I ask of you, don’t even bother messaging me. I am NOT looking for short term flings, I am looking for long term, sub/dom relationships. I'm already aware that I deserve your FULL attention and adoration, so if you want to serve me, you have to be willing to pay me and work very, very hard. I speak the language of control and money, you cannot satisfy me with compliments... although you can try. You will me compliant to me, no matter what it takes... no matter the cost. If I have to punish you, humiliate you, degrade you... I WILL have your money and your worship. I can either be your trusted goddess companion or a ruthless dominatrix that blows your mind and ruins your wallet, that part is up to you. You already know that you could never have a woman like me. The closest you’ll ever get is worshiping me with your wallet for my scraps of attention. So what are you waiting for? Let a true goddess own you.

My sessions are through Skype and Kik. When I’m done with you, you’ll be begging to give me more just by hearing the sound of my voice

And if you really want to peak my interest, pay me a tribute like the good little piggy you are.

Lavish me. Spoil me. Adore me. Worship at my feet.

SUBS: I will be your committed dominate, I will always respect your boundaries but I will always push you slightly past your limits. If you consistently obey me, you will find that I am a very kind dom that will improve your quality of life immensely.

SUGARDADDIES: If you are genuinely interested in being my sugar daddy, please be ready to be as committed as I will be. I am highly selective and only take on one at a time, as I take these relationships seriously. So expect to spoil me if you’re going to have all my attention.

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