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San Francisco United States

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Welcome to your true calling slave!

Creole Ca$h Ma$ter looking for submissive Ca$h Pig$.

Pay Me Tributes Regularly.
Be willing to do whatever I say.
Understand this isn't about sex, it's about power and control.
Realize you have no power and that I am always in control.
Your Money Belongs to Me! I am it's rightful owner.
I own you, and I own your wallet.

Your place should belong to me as your alpha and dom.
You are my willing and irredeemable slave bitch dedicated to my pleasure, and my Joy.

IF we ever have a face to face encounter you will pay for all my expenses and all of my wants, and expect not a god damn thing from me in return

if you know your place in life is to serve someone superior, Then Pay Tribute to Your Lord and Master.


Fiiling my bank account, worshiping my dick, my piss, licking my ass, cleaning my sneakers and serving me is a damn privilege.


My time is earned through tributes and obeying my orders.

let's do this shit you pathetic cash pig!

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