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🌹welcome to my Rose garden 🌹

You may address me as Lady Lilith.
I have been in the lifestyle for a while, but I am just now learning to become the Goddess I was meant to be.... Never stop learning, never stop growing, never stop being who YOU are meant to be!!

Now on the important stuff.....

I am a very complex Yin-Yang personality.
On one hand, I am a sweet, bubbly Princess who rules the world of unicorns. (See my Amazon and wishlist so that you can send me stuffies and candy and Princess stuff. I also will provide you with my list on WISH for that as well. While on the other hand, I am a very Sadistic Queen who knows what she wants, and that is to use you for all that you have and then leave you as a blabbering hemp on the ground at My feet. Who is ready to spoil the Princess while serving the Queen? I am looking for subs and slaves who have a desire and a need tribute their Goddess for all that She is and for the honor of spending time with Her. I seek real connection.

If you message me and expect an answer, you MUST TRIBUTE! You may do this in one of two ways. You may use my CashApp - $LilithxxRose - this is a good option if you want an relatively quick response from me. Be sure to leave a note about your screen name so I will know you are. I also like cards that can be here. Don't waste my precious time or your breath unless you are ready to prove that you are serious! You decide how much to tribute. How much is my time worth to you?

My Ca$hApp is $LilithxxRose
My Venmo is LilithXRose

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