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Have you ever been their lonely and scared of staying in that situation forever. My grownup is speedy. My body is elder than my age. Am even scared of datting my agement. I some times endup in sugar dadies. People think am lood because i am silent and keep my self alone ever,and they fear me so much. but on one wants to find out how sweet person am i. Though am living a lonly life. I have things i love and enjoy. NB. I love to be loved. I like shopping. I like travelling. I like driving. I like family. I love kids. I love cooking. I like music, movies, horse games, fishing, swimming, dancing, reading, camping, good foods, parties. And beatiful places. ABOUT ME: am beautiful, kind, happy, carring, loving, understanding, clean, repected, open, simple, working, free woman. I am single, no kids, not smoking, not drinking, stil living with my mum. Am 28 yrs. Am godly lady. Am here suching for the best of me. Am a lady who knows what she wants. So if your ready to find me . Plis! Let us me. Email: [Thanks].

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